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9 signs you’re a traveller

March 20, 2016
9 Signs You're A Traveller

Once you become a seasoned traveller, you can’t help but notice the little things that definitely show your enthusiasm for travelling. If it were an Olympic sport, you’d definitely have a gold medal or two but at least for now, you most likely have one of the following signs:

  1. You can recite your frequent flyer number faster than your phone number.
  2. Same goes for your passport details.
  3. You go crazy for anything travel related – stationary, accessories, basically anything with a map on it!
  4. The first thing your friends ask you when they see you is ‘Where are you going to next?’
  5. You can say ‘hello’ ‘bye’ ‘I don’t speak….’ ‘what the hell’ in five different languages.
  6. You’re always looking for crazy travel deals on the Internet. Cheap flights? Booked. Cheap accommodation? Booked. Half price on a new jacket? Totally justified for travelling.
  7. When people ask you what’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten, you’re able to list the weirdest food combinations from around the globe. FYI, mine is a a baby chicken foetus…not recommended at all!
  8. Your passport has nearly run out of pages for stamps.
  9. You can’t help but plan your next trip…while still on your current one!

I’m definitely guilty of all these! What are some of your telltale signs that you’re a traveller?