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Taking the leap in 2016…

December 19, 2016
Taking the leap

It’s been a while since I last blogged and when I say a while, I definitely mean a while…. 2016 has proved to be one of my craziest years but may even be my best one so far. Where do I begin? For starters, I’m in a relationship with a beautiful man who never fails to make me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world and…


To new beginnings…

February 21, 2016

Yesterday marked my last day at the stationary store. And man, did I cry a lot. It’s crazy to think that I spent nearly three years there working with the most amazing people and starting tomorrow, I’ll be stepping into a new role at a travel agency. 2016 has already been a crazy year with me spontaneously deciding to go to Brisbane over Australia Day weekend and also…


2016, I’m ready for you!

January 2, 2016

Can you guys believe it? It’s 2016! It’s been a while since I was on here (blame work and other commitments) but now I’m back and looking forward to exciting things for wandrealust. So many great things happened last year – travelling, job promotions, meeting new people – but I can already tell that 2016 is going to be THE year. And so my theme for 2016 is THE YEAR OF PRODUCTIVITY. This year is…

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My favourite travel moments so far

September 27, 2015

I’ve been very blessed to have been able to travel a lot. Just this year, I’ve gone to so many places – some old, some new – and I’m so grateful for all of it. In fact, it’s had me thinking about all my favourite travel moments so far and experiences that will always have a special moment in my heart. Climbing the Eiffel Tower at night and…

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That time in Galway I got tattoos

September 7, 2015

Let’s be real. It’s no surprise to anyone that I am the most impulsive person in the world. My first tattoo was spontaneous, so were my next two and it just seems natural that my fourth and fifth ones would be as well. And they were. Last month, I was doing a tour in Ireland with Trafalgar (more on that to come later!) and for a while now,…

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3 things a psychic told me

April 15, 2015

Whilst I wouldn’t say that I’m a complete believer in the spiritual, I will shamelessly admit that I’m one of those people who reads their horoscopes and goes crazy when they’re somewhat accurate. With that being said, you can imagine my excitement when I decided to visit a tarot reader at the Argyle Oracle by the Rocks in Sydney. My friend and I had heard good reviews about…


The March Mantra

March 1, 2015

Hello everyone! As you all know I am back from New York and man, what a trip it was! I’ll be posting more about it later this month so be on the lookout for my adventures that I got up to there. Now that I’m back and refreshed, I’ve decided to make March the best month ever! There are so many things happening in my life right now…


Where to next?

February 24, 2015

Since coming back from New York, I haven’t really thought about where I’m going to next. My state manager even asked me today where I wanted to travel to and I didn’t have a clue. I’m still paying off my credit card so I can’t plan anything just yet but I am contemplating going to Hobart for a weekend trip just to to visit MONA. As for overseas…


The No-Clothes Project for 2015

January 3, 2015

Nope, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not doing that. Okay, so it’s a universal truth that I am a shopaholic. Everyone knows it. My credit card gets more action than me and it’s not unusual for me to always come home with five bags of clothes or books or random homeware stuff that a sales assistant convinced me would go well with my backyard gazebo. I…


The Happy Box

January 1, 2015

The other day at work a middle-aged woman came in and asked to buy eleven mason jars. Naturally, I was curious by the amount and so I asked her why she needed so many. She replied,”Well, 2014 was a shitty year for my friends and I. Bad jobs, three divorces, each of them having been long term relationships. One was 25 years, one was twenty, mine was seventeen. So,…