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That time in Galway I got tattoos

September 7, 2015

Let’s be real. It’s no surprise to anyone that I am the most impulsive person in the world. My first tattoo was spontaneous, so were my next two and it just seems natural that my fourth and fifth ones would be as well. And they were. Last month, I was doing a tour in Ireland with Trafalgar (more on that to come later!) and for a while now,…

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Oh la la! Date Ideas for Paris

August 31, 2015

Paris has always been my favourite city in the world but it was made even better the last time I was there since I got to share it with someone special. There are so many things that Paris has to offer and if you’re ever in the city and want some cheap and easy date ideas, well I’ve got some suggestions for you! Ready for some oh-la-la?   Have a picnic…

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August Adventures

July 26, 2015

It’s no secret that Paris is my favourite city in the world and what most people don’t know is that I am absolutely in love with the Irish accent. So, what have I decided to do? Well, in less than two weeks time, I will be on a plane to Paris and then on another one to Ireland five days later. Pretty spontaneous but with Christmas coming up…



May 9, 2015

You can’t think of waterlilies without thinking of Claude Monet’s famous paintings. When I was in Paris, I was lucky enough to visit his house in Giverny and witness the nature that inspired his artworks. Granted, it was a boiling day and we had to wait in a massive line, seeing all the flowers and the lily ponds definitely made it worth it. You’re also able to enter…

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How to see the best of Paris in a day

February 1, 2015

Paris is without a doubt my favourite city in the world. I’ve lived there twice in the last three years and I’m always trying to find a way to get back to the City of Lights. For those who aren’t lucky enough to stay for long in Paris, I’ve come up with the perfect guide to helping you get the most out of your French experience.…

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La Tour Eiffel View, Take Deux

September 11, 2014

  The first time I climbed the Eiffel Tower, Paris was caught in a rainstorm. The stairs were covered in water, the handrails slippery and I had decided to leave my umbrella behind. I was a mess by the time I arrived at the second floor but at least I could cross it off my bucket list. The second time I went up the Eiffel Tower, Paris was picturesque.…

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The Truth About Paris

August 8, 2014

Paris is the worst city in the world. The streets are filled with dog shit, tourists are screaming in every museum and some French people fit the stereotype of being plain rude. There were days when I simply hated Paris and I wondered why I had come back when I could be off exploring somewhere else. Why hadn’t I gone to Ireland or Italy or Spain? They were…