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The Travel Book Co: Paris in May

May 4, 2015

Because I’m a sucker for 90s Hugh Grant, it’s no surprise that one of my favourite movies is Notting Hill. Boy meets girl, girl is famous actress, romance, comedy, heartbreak and oh wait, Grant owns a travel bookstore? Dream guy right there! Well in honour of the movie, I’ve decided to call my monthly book review ‘The Travel Book Co’ after his book shop. Basically every month, I’m going to…


The Penguin Books Project

March 16, 2015

One of my biggest regrets lately is that I’ve stopped reading books. It just seems like I don’t have any time anymore to pick up a book but I’ve come to realise that’s a silly thought to have. There’s always time to read whether it be on a commute or on a lunch break or even during breakfast. Since I’m a person who likes a good project, I’ve…

books WONDER


January 13, 2015

Like the millions of fashion girls out there, I am obsessed with Alexa Chung. A couple weeks ago I even cut my hair to match her infamous bangs and whilst mine turned out more Taylor Swift pre-1989, it still felt good thinking that I kinda had Chung’s choppy bed hair. it is Chung’s fashion memoir with rambles that originally seems incoherent until you reach the end and you realise…